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TORONTO Condominiums that Decreased Maintenance Fees

10.4 % of Toronto Condos Decreased Maintenance Fees by 1.5% - 28.9 % for the First 3 Years after Registration      share on Twitter


Toronto Condos maintenance fees


CondoBI investigated tendencies of GTA condominiums' maintenance fees change for the first 3 years and revealed that different condominiums have different maintenance fees tendencies 



In the article 18.5 % of Toronto Condos Increased Maintenance Fees by 20% and Higher for the First 3 Years after Registration we discussed the list of the condominiums that increased maintenance fees dramatically during the first 3 years. But it has been revealed that a significant part of condominiums have decreased maintenance fees. 6 condominiums of the sample decreased maintenance fees by 10 % - 28.9 %.


Maintenance Fees Decrease and Increase Based on a sample of 307 Toronto and GTA Buildings 



The map below shows the buildings' locations and the graphs 3 and 4 shows the list of the buildings, the maintenance fees decrease percentage, maintenance fees of the 3rd year after registration and property management companies related to those buildings.

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