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Garage cleaning, washing and sweeping in Toronto

A condo garage is a place where cars are stored when they're not being used. To keep these spaces clean and safe, owners must periodically hire cleaners to do the job of cleaning up including sweeping or washing walls if needed. So, at end of the day, condo residents don't bring dirt into the building! It helps to keep a healthy air and maintain the interior of the building in good condition, it helps to save condo owners money. 

Residential garage cleaning services in Toronto

Garage / parking lot sweeping and washing is a complex of activities to clean it from debris and accumulated dirt.

If you need to clean out the garage, contact the specialized companies listed above. Those contractors can efficiently remove dust and dirt in your garage. Specialists know how to remove stains of different types and clean even the most hard-to-reach places. With professional cleaning equipment and chemical agents they perform quality cleaning in short time.

Professional garage cleaners have everything they need to do the job. They use only special professional detergents and modern tools.

To remove specific dirt (machine oil, paint, gasoline) fully specialist uses cleaning equipment and special detergents. Specialists help completely clean dirt from all surfaces and make perfect order in the garage. They also can easily remove oil and gasoline stains from the garage pad and other surfaces. 

You don't need to search for a long time for cleaning garages and parking lots - you can find the best garage cleaning contractors in Toronto on our website. 

Specifics of garage cleaning services

Contractors perform both one-time cleaning of condo garages and parking lots and periodical cleaning.

The list of provided services can be discussed depending on the individual characteristics of the garage space and your needs.

Comprehensive cleaning of the garage includes:

  • sweeping services

  • cleaning of the parking lots and the walls

  • dust removal from all surfaces

  • pressure / power  washing

  • doors cleaning

  • ventilation 

How much does garage cleaning cost?

The cost depends on the task and the qualifications of the contractor. Specialists offer their terms, and you can choose the right option.

The cost of any additional work is discussed separately. Specialists can tell you how much it costs to clean a garage by estimating:

  • the scope of work

  • size of the area

  • degree of complications

 If the area of the garage is large - the price will be higher, but if you sign a contract for regular cleaning company can provide a good discount. Contact the listed commercial cleaning companies and get to know how much will a particular job cost.