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 HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing.

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Professional air conditioning repair services in Toronto

If your air conditioning equipment is no longer functioning properly, contact a professional service center. After diagnosing the problem with your air conditioning system, a specialist will give you an estimate for repair work. 

Air conditioning repairs most often consist of filter replacement and duct cleaning. It is the contamination of these systems and elements that most often causes the need for repair of air conditioner systems.

air conditoning repair in toronto

Even reliable air conditioning equipment from leading manufacturers is not immune to breakdowns. Malfunctions occur due to poor installation, neglecting air conditioning maintenance, physical wear and tear, and the use of poor-quality consumables. Breakage does not mean that it is necessary to order a new split-system. It is much more effective to repair a conditioner, such service is much cheaper than a new equipment, as after the repair the previous device will cool a premise as a new conditioner. For this purpose it is necessary to have professionals to solve all the problems, as do-it-yourself solutions of this problem may cause irreversible defects of equipment.

What are the indications of malfunctions of air-conditioner:

  • Decreased heat or cold production

  • Unpleasant odor during operation

  • Leaks in the indoor unit

  • Increased noise level

  • Failure to switch on or off using the remote control

What can you do yourself

Quite often there are situations when the conditioner does not work at heating. In this case multiple (3-4 times) change of a mode (on warmth/cooling) can help. If such manipulations have not brought no effect, it means that a breakdown is serious and it is possible to repair a conditioner only in a workshop.

Why is it better to trust AC repair to professionals?

Cooling systems are complex equipment with many components. Figuring it out and finding the cause is not easy. And sometimes it can be unsafe.

Heating repair in Toronto

Heating systems are complex systems that are often subject to high, continuous loads over many months. The differences between the heating system in a detached house and in a condo building are primarily in terms of size and a distribution technology.

When heating an apartment building you have to think about distances and the individual demand points for heat and hot water. Also an important factor for heating in a condominium is the performance and metering of the consumption.

Speaking of heat pump or fan coil faults, it is worth noting that in some cases the drop in performance is gradual, in other cases the radiators suddenly become completely cold. This is because the cause of the heater malfunction can vary.

Possible causes of heating failure:

  • Faulty oil heater

  • Faulty gas heater

Why it is important to repair the heating quickly

When the heating fails in winter, quick action is required. Because once rooms cool down and warm heating water stops flowing through the pipes, there is a risk that the water will freeze and the pipes will be damaged as a result. Not having a heat source in winter also means the risk of mold formation, as moisture can settle on walls and floors and no longer dry out.

The heating in a rented condo apartment is faulty

Tenants are entitled to a functioning heating system. Faulty heating can lead to a reduction in rent. As soon as the heating is not working, you must act. Inform the landlord immediately and ask for a quick repair.

How long does it take to repair and how much does it costs?

Of course, it is difficult to give a general estimate of how long it will take to get your heating working again, as well as exact price. Heating engineers are very busy during the heating season, but in urgent cases they usually arrange an emergency visit. How long it will take to fix a heating fault depends on the type of damage.

Preventive measures

If the heating system is functioning, but there are unnatural signs that it is not working, we recommend that you contact an expert. Regular maintenance prevents frequent faults in the heating system.

Ventilation repair in Toronto

condo hvac repair in toronto

In a modern condo housing, humidity and temperature are constantly changing. When these two factors are not in the optimal ratio, staying at home becomes uncomfortable. There may also be a risk of damage to the finishing materials of walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. Surfaces may develop mold or crack.

Proper ventilation in houses and apartments not only provides a pleasant indoor climate. It is important to prevent moisture damage to the building structure. Maintaining modern ventilation systems not only helps prevent air pollution and mold, but also saves energy and therefore money.

Depending on the temperature, air can only absorb a certain amount of moisture. As a general rule, you can remember that warmer air holds more water than colder air. Humidity inside the house is mainly due to the occupants themselves and their activities in the house, such as showering, watering flowers, cooking, and even the air we breathe contains moisture.

In order to constantly remove stale air from the house and supply fresh air, modern ventilation systems are the best alternative to manually opened windows. Depending on the requirements of the house and the corresponding room, the specialist will plan the right ventilation system.

When installing climate systems in condominiums, there are many important factors to take into account. The optimal indoor climate depends on such key factors:

  • temperature control

  • removal of moisture

  • constant air ventilation

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